A Brief Overview of Aluminum Squeeze Casting Technology

Aluminum squeeze casting is one of the most advanced manufacturing technologies, which can provide high precision, high quality and high mechanical performance aluminum castings.

In this article, we will introduce the principle, process, advantages and applications of aluminum squeeze casting, and show you how CEX uses this advanced technology to produce high quality aluminum castings with excellent mechanical properties.

Principles of Aluminum Squeeze Casting

Aluminum squeeze casting is a process that combines the advantages of die casting and forging to achieve high material properties and dimensional accuracy.

In this process, molten aluminum is injected into a preheated steel mould cavity under high pressure, and then additional pressure is applied during solidification.

This dual-pressure process can minimize the porosity, improve the density and integrity of the castings, and improve the mechanical performance.

squeeze casting process

Production Process

Mould Preparation: the process starts with the preparation of the steel mould, which can define the shape and features of the final component. CEX offers in-house mould design and manufacturing services, reducing middleman spreads and saving time costs.

Preheating: the steel mould should be preheated to a suitable temperature for the aluminum alloy to ensure the good flowability and solidification of the molten metal.

Molten Metal Injection: The molten aluminum alloy is injected into the preheated mould cavity under high pressure to fill the mould cavity and form the shape of the part.

Squeeze Pressure Application: during the solidification, additional pressure will be applied to the molten metal to compact the material and remove the voids or porosity.

Cooling and Ejection: the casting will be cooled and solidified in the mould cavity, and then ejected, trimmed and finished to the required specifications.

Advantages of Aluminum Squeeze Casting

Superior Mechanical Properties: squeeze casting can provide aluminum castings with higher tensile strength, better fatigue resistance and better dimensional stability.

Porosity Elimination: the dual-pressure process can effectively reduce the internal porosity of the castings and make the microstructure more dense and uniform.

Tighter Tolerances: squeeze casting can produce the complex geometry parts with tight dimensional tolerances, which is good for the production of precise and complex castings.

Reduced Machining: the near-net shape capability of squeeze casting can reduce the machining and save the material and cost.

Better Surface Finish: squeeze casting can provide castings with better surface finish, which can avoid the secondary finishing process.

porosity free

Applications of Aluminum Squeeze Casting

Aluminum squeeze casting is widely used in many industries, such as automotive, aerospace, electronics and consumer goods.

The common applications include engine parts, transmission parts, structural parts, heat sinks and electronic housings.

Squeeze casting can produce high-strength and lightweight castings with complex geometries, which is suitable for the applications requiring high performance and reliability.

CEX: Delivering Excellence in Aluminum Squeeze Casting

CEX is a leading manufacturer specializing in the production of high quality aluminum castings by squeeze casting.

With the continuous innovation, precision and quality, CEX has gained a good reputation by providing the porosity-free aluminum castings with excellent mechanical properties.

By using our patented casting machines, quality control under ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 systems and the professional engineering team, CEX can always exceed customers’ expectations and set a new benchmark for the aluminum squeeze casting industry.



Aluminum squeeze casting is a top-level technology in the advanced manufacturing industry, which can provide high precision, high quality and high performance aluminum castings.

By using the innovative process, strict quality control and continuous improvement, CEX can provide the high quality and porosity-free aluminum castings to meet the strict requirement of the modern industry.

With the development of the industry, aluminum squeeze casting will play a significant role, and promote the innovation, efficiency and sustainability of the industry.

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