What Are the Application Industries of Aluminum Squeeze Casting

Just imagine that you are driving a fancy car, or flying on a jet.

It is the aluminum squeeze casting technology that shapes the critical components hidden under the sleek surface.

Although not visible, they are vital to the performance and safety of the vehicle.

The aluminum squeeze casting technology is widely used in various industries, thanks to its advantages in producing lightweight, strong, and complex components with high precision and efficiency. It is especially important in industries like automotive, aerospace, fluid control, and energy, where performance and reliability are of great importance. With the squeeze casting technology, manufacturers can make sure that the parts meet the specifications strictly and come with excellent material properties and structural robustness.

As the owner of CEX Casting, I have witnessed the great achievements of aluminum squeeze casting in different industries.

In this article, I would like to introduce the wide application of this technology in modern manufacturing, and its significant contributions to a variety of industries.

It is also going to explain why the squeeze casting technology is still the preferred choice for producing high-performance parts.


Aluminum squeeze casting has become a cornerstone technology in the automotive industry.

It can provide the parts with the robustness of forged components and the versatility and intricacy of cast details.

This process is especially important for manufacturing the durable and complex parts required in modern automotive applications.


Outstanding Mechanical Properties: the squeeze casting process can effectively reduce air entrapment and porosity, which are common defects in traditional casting methods.

As a result, the parts come with better mechanical properties and longer service life.

At CEX Casting, we have conducted mechanical properties tests, and we are proud of our aluminum squeeze casting parts with excellent mechanical properties.

Capability to Mould Complex Shapes: the squeeze casting technology can support the moulding of more complex geometries than traditional casting methods.

It provides more design flexibility and can reduce the number of components and assemblies.

Cost-Effective Production: the squeeze casting process is cost-efficient because the moulds come with a longer lifespan and there are fewer post-machining requirements after casting.

Improved Performance: aluminum alloy has good thermal and electrical conductivity, which is very important to heat exchangers and some other components.


Aluminum squeeze castings are tailored specifically for the automotive industry, ensuring the highest performance and reliability:

Engine Blocks and Cylinder Heads: these are critical for optimal engine performance.

The squeeze casting method allows for integrated cooling channels and tight dimensional tolerances, enhancing engine efficiency and power output.

Transmission Housings: we design these housings to withstand the dynamic loads and environmental conditions typical in automotive applications, ensuring durability and reliability.

Control Arms and Steering Knuckles: these components are vital for vehicle handling.

Produced via squeeze casting, they offer the required strength while maintaining minimal weight, thus enhancing the vehicle’s dynamic behavior on the road.

Structural Components: cross members and other structural parts that provide necessary support and safety features for modern vehicles, utilizing the full benefits of aluminum squeeze casting to meet stringent automotive safety standards.

squeeze casting parts for automotive industry


The aluminum squeeze casting technology is increasingly important in the aerospace industry.

It can provide lightweight and mechanical robustness, which are crucial to high-performance aerospace components.


Exceptional Strength and Durability: squeeze casting parts possess a dense, fine-grained structure that gives them excellent mechanical properties, such as high tensile strength and improved durability.

Precision and Complexity: the capability of squeeze casting to produce complex shapes with precise dimensions is a significant advantage, which can reduce the need for extensive machining and assembly, thus saving time and resources.

Weight Reduction: squeeze casting can further reduce the weight of aerospace components, thus improving fuel efficiency and increasing payload capacity.

Thermal Conductivity: the aluminum alloys used in squeeze casting show excellent thermal conductivity, which makes them suitable for aerospace applications where parts are often exposed to harsh environments.


Aluminum squeeze casting serves the aerospace industry with its advanced technology to produce high-quality and reliable components.

Here are some specific examples of the supplied parts:

Engine Mounts: provide exceptional strength and fatigue resistance, which are critical for securing the engine to the aircraft structure and designed to endure flight vibrations and stresses.

Landing Gear fittings: these fittings are essential for the operation and safety of the landing gear system, as they must be able to withstand impacts and loads during landing.

Squeeze casting provides them with the necessary durability and accuracy.

Fuselage Frames and Wing Ribs: the squeeze casting process ensures that these parts are lightweight yet extremely strong.

Manufacturing these structural components contributes to the overall structural integrity and aerodynamic performance of the aircraft.

Control System Brackets and Levers: these components require exact tolerances for reliable operation.

By using squeeze casting to achieve the high precision needed for aerospace control systems, ensuring smooth operation and long-term reliability.

squeeze casting parts for aerospace industry

Fluid Control

Aluminum squeeze casting is particularly suitable for the fluid control industry, which requires excellent airtightness and corrosion resistance in its components.

This manufacturing process can be used to produce complex designs that can withstand harsh conditions in fluid control applications.


High-Dimensional Accuracy and Stability: producing complex shapes with accurate dimensions is very important for parts like valve bodies and pump housings, which need to be integrated into fluid control systems.

Superior Mechanical Properties: components made by squeeze casting come with high density and low porosity.

This means they come with improved mechanical properties, such as strength and durability, which are necessary for high-pressure environments.

Corrosion Resistance: aluminum alloys come with good corrosion resistance, which is very important for parts exposed to different chemicals and fluids.

This helps to reduce maintenance and extend the service life of components.

High Airtightness: squeeze casting can produce parts with very low porosity, which is essential for maintaining the integrity of fluid systems, preventing leakage, and controlling flow and pressure accurately.

At CEX Casting, we support two leakage testing methods, water immersion testing and helium leakage testing.


Squeeze casting has been actively applied in the production of aluminum casting parts used for the fluid control industry, with a focus on components that require high precision and operational stress resistance.

Examples include:

Valve Bodies: aluminum squeeze casting is used to produce various designs of valve bodies that are integral to regulating fluid flow and pressure in industrial systems.

Pump Housings: these housings are crafted to endure the mechanical and environmental challenges typical in fluid control applications, providing protection and stability to the pump mechanisms.

Actuator Casings: these are designed to house the mechanical elements that automate valve operations, ensuring that they operate efficiently and reliably under varying conditions.

Fluid Manifolds: the manifolds are crucial for fluid distribution in complex systems, requiring precise channel pathways and resistance to pressure differentials.

squeeze casting parts for fluid control industry


Aluminum squeeze casting is highly valued in the energy industry for its robustness and efficiency in manufacturing components that must withstand harsh operating conditions and meet strict performance standards.

The versatility of this process makes it ideal for a range of applications within the sector, from renewable energy systems to traditional power generation.


High Durability and Strength: the squeeze casting technique can provide components with high density and minimal porosity, which are essential for parts that must endure long-term mechanical and environmental stress.

Corrosion Resistance: aluminum alloys are chosen for their excellent resistance to corrosion, which is crucial for components exposed to harsh environments in energy production and storage.

Thermal Conductivity: the excellent thermal properties of aluminum are ideal for heat management applications within energy systems, such as heat sinks in energy storage systems.

Lightweight: the reduced weight of aluminum helps decrease the overall mass of energy systems, which is particularly beneficial in applications such as wind and solar energy, where reducing load can lead to more efficient designs.


Aluminum squeeze casting technology provides a series of professional parts for the energy industry.

Its contributions include:

Gearbox Housings for Wind Turbines: these housings encase and protect the mechanical components that translate wind power into energy, designed to withstand the dynamic loads and environmental conditions typical of wind farms.

Turbine Blades for Hydroelectric Power: aluminum blades produced by squeeze casting are robust efficient, and capable of handling the continuous flow and pressure of water in hydroelectric power plants.

Heat Sinks for Energy Storage: ensuring effective thermal management, these components are critical for maintaining the optimal operating temperature and safety of energy storage systems.

squeeze casting parts for energy industry


Aluminum squeeze casting is not only a manufacturing process but also an important part of modern industrial innovation.

At CEX Casting, we are committed to promoting this technology.

We supply superior, lightweight, and durable components to support the development of modern industry.

Our continuous efforts in quality and innovation enable us to meet the changing requirements of our customers and help them improve efficiency and competitiveness in their markets.

By aluminum squeeze casting, we are not only shaping the metal but also shaping the future of the industry.

Contact us today for more details about our aluminum squeeze casting process and cases.

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