Porosity-Free Aluminum Castings: CEX Leads the Way

Porosity is a long-term challenge in traditional aluminum die casting process for manufacturing aluminum castings.

This article aims to analyze the causes of porosity in aluminum die casting parts and discuss why aluminum squeeze casting technology can achieve castings without internal pores.

Moreover, we will introduce CEX’s capability of producing high-quality aluminum squeeze casting parts with excellent mechanical properties, which sets a new standard for the industry.

Understanding the Causes of Porosity in Traditional Aluminum Die Casting Parts

Porosity, characterized by the presence of voids or pores in the material, is a common concern in aluminum die casting parts.

There are several factors leading to the formation of porosity in traditional die casting:

Gas Entrapment: in the injection stage of aluminum die casting, molten aluminum is injected into the die cavity with high pressure.

The quick injection process may cause gases, such as air or moisture, to be trapped in the molten metal.

When the metal solidifies, these trapped gases will turn into pores in the material.

Cooling Rate: in traditional die casting process, the cooling rate is usually very quick, which can worsen the formation of porosity.

The molten metal cools and solidifies rapidly in the die cavity, and there is not enough time for gases to escape, leading to the formation of pores.

Die Design and Venting: porosity can also be caused by inappropriate die design and venting systems.

Insufficient venting can hinder the escape of trapped gases, while design defects may create regions where air pockets are more likely to form.


Advantages of Aluminum Squeeze Casting

Aluminum squeeze casting provides an effective solution to the porosity problems in traditional die casting methods.

It combines the advantages of both casting and forging processes, resulting in castings with excellent mechanical properties and no porosity.

Here is why aluminum squeeze casting stands out:

Gas Elimination: unlike traditional die casting, aluminum squeeze casting applies pressure to the molten metal during solidification in the die cavity.

This pressure helps to expel trapped gases, achieving poresity-free castings.

Controlled Solidification: the application of pressure in aluminum squeeze casting realizes controlled solidification of the material.

During this controlled solidification process, any remaining gases can escape before the part is completely solidified, which reduces the formation of porosity.

Enhanced Mechanical Properties: aluminum squeeze casting produces parts with excellent mechanical properties, benefiting from both casting and forging.

The absence of porosity results in higher strength, better ductility, and improved fatigue resistance, making these parts ideal for demanding applications.

CEX’s Expertise in Producing Pore-Free Aluminum Squeeze Casting Parts

CEX is committed to producing high-quality and poresity-free aluminum castings through aluminum squeeze casting process.

We always concentrate on innovation and precision, and every component we produce meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Here are some key highlights of our capabilities:

Patented Machines: CEX is equipped with a series of patented aluminum squeeze casting machines ranging from 300T to 1100T.

These machines can control the casting process accurately, ensuring that the casting parts are poresity-free and come with excellent mechanical properties.

Expertise and Experience: with more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, CEX’s team of experts has the knowledge and skills to optimize the aluminum squeeze casting process.

We can provide in-house mould design and choose the appropriate casting material for our customers, our expertise ensures the highest quality of aluminum castings.

Quality Assurance: CEX is an ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified manufacturer. We are dedicated to excellence in every aspect of our operations.

Strict quality control measures are implemented throughout the production process to guarantee that each component meets or exceeds customer expectations.

porosity free


Porosity is still a big problem in traditional aluminum die casting processes, which affects the quality and performance of castings.

Aluminum squeeze casting, represented by CEX, is a better solution, producing high-quality aluminum casting parts without internal porosity and with excellent mechanical properties.

Because of our focus on innovation, precision, and quality, CEX is leading the development of the aluminum casting industry and setting new standards for excellence.

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