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Aluminum Die Casting and Squeeze Casting Materials

The aluminum squeeze casting process is primarily employed for manufacturing parts with high requirements for mechanical properties. The aluminum alloy utilized in squeeze casting must meet the following requirements:

Excellent Casting Properties and Good Flowability: enabling molten metal to fill complex mould cavities and produce detailed and intricate shapes. This feature is crucial for filling complex mould shapes without defects.

Heat Treatable: squeeze casting parts require heat treatment process to achieve desired mechanical properties. This is important to ensure the final products comply with the specific strength and hardness requirements.

High Strength: A356 alloy offers a good balance of strength and ductility. This is advantageous in applications where both strength and deformability are important, such as automotive components.

Corrosion Resistance: A356 comes with reasonable corrosion resistance and is therefore suitable for applications where it is exposed to environmental factors is a concern. However, its corrosion resistance may not be as good as some other aluminum alloys (such as the 5000 series).

Aluminum Alloys Commonly Used in Squeeze Casting






Other Commonly Used Aluminum Die Casting Materials



Squeeze Casting

Squeeze Casting

Squeeze Casting

Squeeze Casting

Squeeze Casting

Squeeze Casting

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