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Exceptional Quality Aluminum Squeeze Casting Parts for Fluid Control Applications

Industries Benefiting from Fluid Control Applications:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical Processing
  • Water Treatment
  • Food and Beverage
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive

Application Fields



oil and gas
Utilizes pumps and valves for fluid extraction, transportation, and processing. Squeeze casting parts contribute to reliable performance in harsh operational conditions.
Chemical Processing
Requires precise flow control for mixing, blending, and reaction processes. Our squeeze casting parts ensure accurate regulation of chemical fluids.
water treatment
Relies on pumps and valves for purification, distribution, and wastewater management. Squeeze casting parts offer durability and longevity in water treatment facilities.
food and beverage
Utilizes pumps and valves for processing and packaging. Squeeze casting parts offer hygienic and corrosion-resistant solutions for food handling.
Irrigation systems rely on pumps and valves for water distribution. Squeeze casting parts withstand agricultural environments and contribute to water management.
Fluid control systems in vehicles utilize pumps and valves for engine, braking, and transmission functions. Our squeeze castings offer efficiency and reliability in auto industry.
Enhanced Sealing Performance

Enhanced Sealing Performance

Precise Dimensional Control: fluid control systems require seals that fit precisely to prevent leaks. Aluminum squeeze casting allows for the production of parts with tight dimensional tolerances and accurate geometries. This ensures a proper fit between mating surfaces, minimizing the risk of fluid leakage and enhancing sealing performance.

Enhanced Surface Integrity: the squeezing action also helps to refine the surface grain structure of the casting, reducing surface roughness and enhancing the sealing surface’s integrity. This smoother surface finish minimizes the risk of fluid leakage by providing a more effective sealing interface.

Porosity-Free Structure

Pressure Integrity: fluid control systems often operate under high pressures, which can exert significant stress on component materials. Porosity weakens the structural integrity of cast parts, making them susceptible to failure or deformation under pressure. Aluminum squeeze casting produces parts with a dense and uniform microstructure, free from porosity-induced defects, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of high-pressure environments without compromising safety or performance.

porosity free
Mechanical strength testing

High Mechanical Properties

Temperature Stability: fluid control systems may operate across a wide range of temperatures, from ambient conditions to elevated temperatures in industrial processes or extreme cold environments. Aluminum squeeze casting parts are designed to maintain their mechanical properties over a broad temperature range, ensuring consistent performance and reliability under varying thermal conditions. This temperature stability is crucial for maintaining system functionality and preventing dimensional changes or material degradation that could compromise performance.

Complex Geometry Capability

Optimized Flow Paths: fluid control systems often require components with intricate flow paths, such as valves, manifolds, and fittings, to regulate and direct the flow of fluids. Aluminum squeeze casting allows for the production of complex internal geometries, including intricate channels, passages, and cavities, within components. These optimized flow paths help enhance fluid dynamics, minimize pressure drop, and improve overall system efficiency by reducing turbulence and fluid resistance.

Complex Geometry Capability
Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

Enhanced Design Flexibility: aluminum squeeze casting offers greater design flexibility compared to other casting methods, allowing engineers to optimize part designs for performance, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. By leveraging squeeze casting’s capability to produce complex geometries, integrated features, and customized solutions, designers can achieve lightweight, compact, and efficient fluid control components that meet performance requirements while minimizing material usage and production costs.

Aluminum Squeeze Casting Parts We Developed for Fluid Control Applications

Valve Components
We have manufactured a variety of valve parts, including valve bodies, discs, and stems, ensuring precise flow control and shut-off capabilities.
Pump Parts
From pump housings and impellers to shafts and seals, we provide reliable and efficient solutions for fluid transportation and pressure regulation.
Actuator Parts
Our squeeze casting parts for actuators, such as housing bodies, pistons, and connectors, contributing to smooth and accurate valve operation.
Motor Components
We produce motor parts such as housings and rotors, ensuring reliable operation in fluid control systems.
Gearbox Components
Our capabilities extend to producing gearbox housings and gears, providing essential parts for fluid control machinery.
Compressor Components
Squeeze casting parts for compressor housings, rotors, and valve plates contribute to efficient fluid compression and delivery.

Why Choose CEX As The Manufacturer for Fluid Control Application?

Leakage Prevention: our squeeze casting parts offer superior sealing performance, minimizing the risk of leaks and ensuring system integrity.

Corrosion Resistance: with zero porosity and excellent material properties, our squeeze casting parts resist corrosion, extending product lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

High Pressure Resistance: squeeze casting parts withstand high pressures without deformation or failure, ensuring safe and reliable fluid handling in demanding environments.

Temperature Stability: our squeeze casting parts maintain dimensional stability and mechanical properties across a wide temperature range, crucial for consistent performance in extreme conditions.

Reduced Downtime: reliable and durable squeeze casting parts can minimize downtime, leading to increased productivity and operational efficiency.

Improved Efficiency: precise machining and tight tolerances of our squeeze casting parts contribute to improved system efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Cost Saving: the longevity and reliability of our squeeze casting parts result in lower replacement and maintenance costs, providing a significant return on investment for customers.

Custom Solutions: we offer customized solutions to meet specific industry requirements, ensuring compatibility with diverse fluid types and operating conditions.

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