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CEX Aluminum Die Casting

As an aluminum die casting manufacturer with 28 years of experience, we have more than 60 professional die casting engineers and production workers, a 15,000 square meter die casting workshop, and several sets of patented die casting machines.

90% of products are exported to various countries including USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Japan, and Korea, and are used in different fields such as machinery, outdoor, household, and automotive.

CEX provides one stop service, from in-house tooling, aluminum die casting, post machining, to surface treatment and assembly, the entire process is completed in dedicated production workshops by experienced workers.

All CEX production is managed under the ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 systems, ensuring the consistent and stable delivery of the best quality die cast products.


China Professional Aluminum Die Casting Supplier

CEX has multiple aluminum die casting machines, which can achieve significant production capacity, ensuring our delivery time and stable and continuous supply volume. This is particularly important for parts that are in high annual demand and is what makes us a trusted aluminum die casting supplier.

CEX has developed patented die casting machines, which can effectively solve the defects of the conventional die casting process, eliminate the problems of internal porosity and shrinkage, and provide aluminum die castings with higher density, strength, pressure resistance, and sealing performance.

We can establish dedicated production lines for long-term cooperative customers with large procurement volumes. We could produce multiple sets of moulds, and use multiple die casting machines, effectively ensuring the best service for important customers.

You only need to bear the cost of one set of moulds when developing the product. Our company will bear the cost of post mould maintenance and repair, as well as the cost of reopening the mould after reaching its lifespan, and adding one set of mould to ensure the production capacity.

Our MOQ for the first batch of aluminum die castings is generally 1000 pieces. For products with complex structures and large weights, the MOQ can be reduced to 300-500 pieces, depending on the situation. Depend on different die casting processes, our daily output of a single die casting machine ranges from 900 to 1600 pieces.

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From In House Mould To Surface Finish

As a professional aluminum die casting company in China, CEX has multiple sets of advanced die casting aluminum machines, covering equipment with different processing capacities ranging from 160 tons to 1100 tons. We can produce aluminum die castings with various weights, sizes, materials, and surface requirements.

Our casting equipment: 160T *2set  ,200T*2set   , 300T*1set  ,400T*1set ,1100T*1set

Material normally used for your products: ADC12, ZL102, ZL104, ZL108, A319, A356, A360, A369, A380, A383, A384, A413, A535, 44300, 44300, 46000, AlSi9Mg, AlSi9Cu3, Zamak2,3,5,7 etc.

The weight of die casting parts we can produce: 10g~20kg

The maximum size of die casting parts we can produce: 1.2m*0.8m

The wall thickness we can produce: 2mm-15mm

Tolerance we could keep: blank  ±0.2mm,  ±0.05mm  after machining

Superior Quality Castings Capability Set Us Apart

T6 Heat Treatment

To further improve mechanical properties

Higher Strength

50% higher than conventional die casting


Could be welded to any aluminum profile

High Pressure Resistance

With high sealing performance

In-House Mould

We can design the right number of cavities, taking into account the volume of purchases and the structure of the part. A higher number of cavities is beneficial for high-volume deliveries but brings with it an increase in first input costs. We will weigh up the options and help our customers to determine the most suitable solution.

We can guarantee the quality of the mould and the delivery time. The quality of the mould is a key factor in ensuring the quality of the product.

Our mould prices are all ex-factory and competitive, helping our customers to reduce the initial investment in their projects.

Customers don’t have to worry about the lifespan of the mould. We can carry out regular mould repairs and maintenance, and develop multiple sets of moulds free of charge for long-term customers, who only need to bear the cost of the initial set of mould. For projects with a large annual production volume, multiple sets of mould will ensure that we continue to produce high-quality products from a stable angle.

cnc machining

Secondary Machining

For precision and complex shaped parts, secondary processing is required based on die casting blanks to achieve specific structures, surface finishes, strict tolerances, and meet drawing requirements.

CEX is equipped with a professional CNC machining workshop. The secondary processing we offer includes: cutting, drilling, tapping, polishing, CNC machining, etc. Capable of delivering various types of aluminum alloy parts that are required with high precision and complex shapes.

The specific content of secondary processing can be found in the internal chain.

Surface Finish

Decorative surfaces can be treated with painting, chrome plating, phosphating, electroplating, powder spraying, and surface passivation.

To prevent environmental corrosion, anodizing and spraying can be used. It should be noted that aluminum alloy die casting parts can only be anodized in black while spraying can be done in multiple colors.

Spray coating: used for decoration, protection, signage, etc., and can hide small surface defects when applied.

Electroplating: make die castings beautiful, and improve density and corrosion resistance. Castings tobe  electroplated must not have casting defects.

Electrostatic spraying: to achieve a beautiful and smooth surface for die castings and improve corrosion resistance.

High Strength T6 Treated Aluminum Die Castings


Mechanical Properties:

  • Yield Strength: 220-240Mpa
  • Tensile Strength: 260-300Mpa
  • Hardness: 80-90Hb
  • Density: 2.72g/cm³
  • Elongation: 4.5-6%

In addition to conventional die castings, CEX can provide high strength, high density, high-pressure resistance, and weldable quality die castings based on our own R&D capabilities and patented equipment.

Conventional aluminum die casting defects have led to difficulties in obtaining the high-quality die castings. This makes us a superior supplier of aluminium die casting parts.

Our high-quality die castings eliminate the internal porosity and achieve a highly dense internal structure.

Strict Quality Control for Excellent Aluminum Die Casting Service

ISO 9001 & IATF 16949 System Control of the Entire Production Process

Our quality control of die castings is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

Our quality control aspects mainly include material composition, appearance, dimensions and tolerances, surface finishing, mechanical properties, internal structure, etc.

The quality control program for different parts is carried out before the product is produced according to the customer’s drawing requirements.

Advanced Quality Inspection Instruments and Experienced Quality Inspectors

Our inspection room is equipped with advanced quality testing equipment and experienced quality management personnel. From raw materials to finished products, from first parts to large batches, from samples to large shipments, every step of the process is subject to strict quality inspection.

CEX Casting
Choose CEX for Your High-Quality Aluminum Die Castings

We are a factory with 28 years of production experience, started with a small die casting production workshop, initially focused on mould development, and then transitioned to die casting products. With the continuous development and expansion of the company, we realize the importance of providing customers with comprehensive one-stop services. To this end, we have invested in advanced equipment and process. We are committed to providing our customers with products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance while reducing lead time and streamlining the production process.

Applied in Various Industries

汽车 户外通信建筑照明 流体控制

  • “CEX has been a great partner in our supply chain for years. Their aluminum expertise in die-casting parts has helped us improve the quality of our parts. We would highly recommend them to other businesses.”

  • “CEX’s ability to provide customized solutions for our unique needs has been invaluable. Their team is always available to answer our questions and provide help, and their flexibility and responsiveness are second to none.”

  • “CEX’s ability to deliver high-quality castings quickly and at a reasonable cost is a testament to their commitment to excellence.”


What Is the Delivery Time for Die Casting and Tooling?

Mould: 5-6 weeks, Sample: 1 week, Mass Production (Qty 10K): 1-2 weeks. The specific time depends on the product structure.

What Are Your Shipping Methods?

By sea, by air, by railway, by truck, by express, etc., or by the freight forwarder designated by customers.

What Is the Mould Lifespan and How Much Is the Maintenance Cost?

The common lifespan is about 500k shots.

Customers only need to pay for the first set of moulds, and our company will bear the cost of later mould maintenance and new moulds.

How About the Non-Disclosure Agreement?

At our company, we take the protection of our customers’ sensitive information seriously. NDA will be signed before the start of the project, depending on the needs of the customer. We have also implemented an inside NDA that all employees must adhere to.

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